After years of servicing and repairing mattresses from all types of manufacturers, Healthcare Matters found people were having to make the choice between price and quality. There was a real need for an affordable pressure care mattress, with cost-effective spare parts, that would meet all the requirements of today’s healthcare environment.


Using our expert knowledge, we combined and refined all the plus points from the mattresses currently on the market, looking at durability, infection control, lifetime costs, and effective pressure care.


The result is the Air-Flo range:

  • The mattresses use tried and tested one-in-two alternating therapy and have a bi-elastic, vapour and permeable polyurethane cover.
  • Flexibility, we have a selection of pumps for each mattress with varying level of sophistication to suit all requirements.
  • Structural Integrity, the mattress walls, loop straps and overall design combine to help maintain original rectangular structure