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Not only will investing in the right seating for your patients provide those in your care with a better quality of life, but it will enable you to save money, release nursing time back to care and mitigate against the risk of litigation.

We work closely with a number of hospital chair specialists to offer a range of chairs which are designed to meet specific medical and physical challenges.


Pressure ulcers can be unpleasant, upsetting and challenging to treat, so it’s better to prevent them from developing in the first place by regularly changing a person’s position and using equipment, such as specially designed mattresses, to protect vulnerable parts of the body.

We work with a number of suppliers to provide the best, most cost-effective foam and air mattresses on the market today.


Novacorr Healthcare is a family-owned and operated company with clients from Australia, USA, Asia and Europe.

The Novacorr Huntington’s Chair has been developed in conjunction with Wesley Neurological Support Services.(Melbourne, Australia). It is a world first in providing both safety for the clients and durability of the equipment

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Healthcare Matters is a family owned business, we provide quality, expert advice, and outstanding customer service to the Healthcare industry.

We offer an extensive range of products, at competitive prices. We trade to NHS trusts, healthcare professionals, nursing homes, hospitals and the general public.

With over £16 million spent from 2002 - 2013 on the treatment, care and compensation of patients with pressure ulcers, and this figure rising, Healthcare Matters is championing a range of innovative, cost-effective products and services to help with the prevention of pressure ulcers, while providing comfort and meeting clinical requirements.


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